Audit Solutions during Covid-19 Crisis and After
As the world has come together and social distancing becomes the norm we hope everyone stays safe.

With the COVID-19 crisis, business needs to re-evaluate how to function during these difficult times.
Finance Companies still need to audit their assets while dealing with the safety and concerns of all involved.
The traditional method of sending an auditor to the location may not be possible or the best solution.
12th Tech provides a solution that works for the needs of today and tomorrow!
The Solution
This system was built with today's technology to reduce the reliance on only physical audits.
This is NOT a system designed in the last months to respond to current needs.
The Process
Utilizing 12th Tech's Multiple Audit Methods and Advanced Machine Learning we can provide all the features of traditional audits without the need for in-person auditing where its applicable.
Dealer Self-Audits

Our solution allows the dealer to perform the audit!
No need to send an outside 3rd party auditor to the location.
Helps deal with "Social Distancing".

Electronic ID

This solution uses a vehicle's OBDII port that is on every vehicle.
The modules securely sends the vehicle's VIN and location in real-time.


Increased confidence with Machine Learning Analytics of the data, images, comments and locations regardless of the 12th Tech Audit method used to perform the audit!


We can have you up and running in a matter of days!

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