12th Tech Wholesale Audit Solution
A Smarter, Faster, and More Efficient Approach to Auditing
Today's Technology
12th Tech is built on today’s technology and designed to be an adaptive solution able to utilize new processes as they become available while still offering all the methods of auditing you currently use. Our solution offers a robust suite of tools offering an innovative alternative to traditional auditing management, supplementing tried and true existing audit procedures, with many additional options and efficiencies.

Real-Time Results

Audit results, resolutions and chats available in real time to all auditors, processors and managers

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Risk Scoring at the Asset, Audit and Portfolio level that learns from every audit

Audit Methods

Outsourced, Internal, Dealer, Electronic
Any combination!

Audit Methods

Global and Regions

All time zones, currency and languages



Runs on all devices smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops


Ability to manage all users, reporting, alerts and results when you want

Audit Methods
Additional Information
Real-time insight and feedback
Our user-friendly customizable dashboard gives you the feedback and insight you need with Action Alerts to inform you immediately about issues to address during and after the audit.
Our Chat functionality allows you to deal with concerns as they arise.
Configurable and Customizable
While our software is basically turn key, you can customize it to fit your business needs, whether you use traditional, intelligent, or unique auditing processes, while easily integrating with dealer, finance company, and/or asset tracking systems. 12th Tech’s RTI Auditing System employs adaptive configuration and interfaces, including role-specific dashboards and home pages.
True Usability
Users from seasoned auditors to dealers, finance managers, and executives, can be up and running literally within minutes. There’s no need for days-long training sessions just to learn the software or interpret the reporting.
Predictive analytics and intelligent verification
Using the data collected, the 12th Tech RTI Auditing System utilizes machine learning, so the intelligence gathered from each successive audit means the more you use it, the better intel you have as to the optimal scope, frequency, and approach to audits for your business.
Cost-effective and increased accuracy
By leveraging the power of the cloud, embracing the latest technologies, and decreasing the need for expensive third-party auditing staff, you gain accuracy, flexibility and cost efficiencies to achieve your auditing and risk mitigation goals.
Reliability, availability, scalability, security, AND performance
We built our system to provide the best, fastest, and most streamlined auditing capabilities to meet your needs at every stage and size—locally and around the globe. If you’ve been using cumbersome legacy systems, you’ll appreciate that we designed our RTI Auditing System using the best and highest performance technology available today while incorporating the best practices in audit management. Built on a robust and secure AWS cloud to seamlessly leverage emerging technologies means you can easily incorporate new auditing processes, technologies, and methodologies as they’re developed. As your business and reach grows, our RTI Auditing System scales with you, providing the power, insight, and capabilities you need.
Industries Served
  • Manufacturer (Captive)
  • Commerical Finance
  • National Banks
  • Community Banks
  • Auctions
  • Audit Companies
  • Dealerships
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Construction
  • Consumer Electronics